We want a future where your identity doesn’t affect how you’re treated. A future where your race, ethnicity and sexual orientation doesn’t affect your life in any negative way. A future of freedom where you can express your views and opinions with no fear of persecution.

Can the Woke movement bring is this future? Woke” is a term often used to describe a series of beliefs that are promoted as “Anti-Racism” and “Social Justice”.

The core of the belief system is that White people are oppressing Black people, other people of color and LGBTQ people through “systemic racism”.

“White people should not cry in Anti-Racism workshops because they’re oppressing Black people by prioritizing their own sadness”.

This quote is straight from Robin DiAngelo’s book “White Fragility” (one of the foundations of the Woke movement).

In other words, White people have to be upset over being born with their skin color, and constantly treat Black people and others DIFFERENTLY than they would other White people.

Shouldn’t humans treat each other the same regardless of race? Shouldn’t White people not act differently around people based on their race? We want people to stop caring about each other’s race, but the Woke movement wants us to constantly care about it.

What about “systemic racism”?

A non-racist United States should officially say that all races are equal? Have an interracial government, police force and court system? It should have Black mayors, Vice-Presidents and Presidents? Well, we have all of that.

We have all of that! How can a “systemically racist/White Supremacist” country have racial equity laws, have had a Black President and have Black and other POC mayors, senators and Vice-Presidents?

WOKE: If someone expresses non-Woke beliefs they must be punished and removed from society.

NAHF: Isn’t it wrong to hate and persecute people for their beliefs? Punishing free speech won’t stop hatred, only free debate will.

Are you tired of us being divided?

Do you agree that people should never be treated differently based on their race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation?

Do you agree that people should be judged based on how they act and not on their identity?

According to those beliefs, our country has “systemic racism” and is in a constant struggle between the “oppressors” (White people), and the “oppressed” (Black people, other people of color and LGBTQ people).

The Woke movement teaches that a person’s self-identity must be accepted no matter what, as how a person is to be treated depends on it. They teach that both race and gender are “social constructs” and aren’t biological. There are contradictions however…

A person is not allowed to identify as a different race, but is allowed to identify as a different gender. For example, if a person is born White they can’t identify as Black. At the same time, if a person is born male, they’re allowed to identify as a woman. It doesn’t matter if they can “pass” as a woman, they just have to identify as one.

This creates major issues… It’s possible for humans to be born with one of two different bodies. We call one “female” and the other “male”. We also have beliefs on how a person with such a body is supposed to act. That’s called a “gender role”.

Do you think that a White person should treat a Black person the same way they would another White person? We do. Do you think that if a White person treated a Black person differently than another White person, it would be racist? We do.

The Woke movement has too many contradictions as well…

TOLERANCE = the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

INTOLERANCE = unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

Do you agree that everyone should be allowed to have whatever beliefs that they want? Tolerance is a non-negotiable human right. The Woke movement however doesn’t accept a diversity of beliefs. It treats all opposing beliefs as “hate”. This is just a justification for the movement’s intolerance.

As mentioned before, identity is a major part of The Woke movement. A person is allowed to identify as whatever they want, and their identity must then be unconditionally accepted by everyone. The movement further teaches that race and gender are “social constructs.”

You should then be able to change your gender and race right? Not exactly. Changing your gender is allowed, but changing your race is not. That’s a contradiction. If they’re both invented l differences, then why can you only change one?

Is there a difference between a biological male identifying as a woman, and a biological woman identifying as a woman? The Woke movement aggressively rejects the idea that there is.

Do you believe in your basic human right to believe what you want? Everyone has a right to identify the way that they want, but no one has the right to demand that you share their beliefs or be punished.

At NAHF we support trans people and their rights. We also believe that if someone believes that biology is more important than identity, they have the right to believe it. The Woke movement believes that if you don’t believe that trans women are the same as biological women you’re full of “hate”.

The Woke claim that Black people are targeted by the interracial police force doesn’t hold up to facts either. The “Woke” claim that Black people are constantly being killed by White people is contradicting facts as well:

The statistics above pretty easily disprove the “Woke” narrative.

White people are not special or “privileged”either, they’re a world minority group and are becoming minorities in America (as population projections show).

It gets worse, if a person is Woke but doesn’t want to be an activist, they’re accused of allowing racism to continue by not actively fighting it. Activism isn’t for everyone. This isn’t inclusive of shy and introverted people.

The Woke movement also considers Capitalism a form of White Supremacy, which isn’t based on reality at all. “Supply and demand” (which is what Capitalism is) has been used by all races and ethnicities throughout history.

Another bizarre Woke belief is that the terms “Latino” and “Latina” are “offensive, so “Latinx” is used instead, despite there being no “x” in the Spanish language. This is an offensive term for most people of Hispanic descent.

How does a Woke future look like?

White people will be kept from obtaining job promotions or elections in politics because it’s “oppressive”. More so with them becoming minorities.

This has already started and will only get worse. Woke rules are to capitalize “Black”, “Asian”, “Latino”, but not “white”. It starts to look more as an anti-Caucasian hate movement than a movement meant to unite.

In the end, the Woke movement divides us and will not bring us together. NAHF on the other hand is about unity.

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