Racism is the belief that race is important and that a person’s racial identity defines them.

NAHF’s “non-racism” is the belief that race doesn’t matter and that a person’s racial identity doesn’t define them.

“Woke Anti-Racism” teaches you to see race as a priority and to define and treat people differently based on it. They even say that there are race-specific behaviors! What else does it teach?

White people are taught that they’re “born racist” and to constantly worry about offending Black people/other people of color.

Black people/other people of color are taught that they’re constantly oppressed by a system created by White people.

If a White person cries in an “Anti-Racism” workshop, they’re actually “oppressing” POC by “prioritizing their own sadness” and making POC “upset”. The above example is actually used by “Woke” author Robin DiAngelo in her book “White Fragility”.

White people are “racist” no matter what according to “Woke Anti Racism”. In fact, if they say that they don’t care about race, they’re “denying their place in a racist system so are actually supporting racism”.

Black people/other POC are officially “protected classes” prioritized for jobs, promotions and other benefits.

“The system” is interracial and our laws clearly say that all races are equal. Our “racist system” even officially promotes diversity (which most countries don’t even promote, as they see themselves as “homes” for specific ethnic groups and their cultures.)

How can a “systemically racist” “White Supremacist” country have Black Presidents, mayors, senators and Vice-Presidents? How can it allow all of our racial equity laws? The claim that Black people are targeted by the interracial police force doesn’t hold up to facts either. The claim that Black people are constantly being killed by White people is contradicting facts as well:

The statistics above pretty easily disprove the “Woke” narrative.

What about “White privilege”? White people have no special advantages in a country where all races are officially equal. In fact it’s the opposite, when diversity quotas encourage businesses to hire and promote POC over White people.

White people are a World minority and are becoming minorities in America (as population projections show), the logical “Woke” progression is to make sure that they never get influence again to “avoid racism”.

It “wouldn’t be fair” for a minority White population to be “in charge” over the majority POC one, so White people will increasingly be unwanted in executive positions.

This has already started and will only get worse. When they capitalize “Black”, “Asian”, “Latino” but not “white”, it becomes clear that it’s simply a hate movement created to divide us.

TOLERANCE = the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

INTOLERANCE = unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

Tolerance is not negotiable. You can’t choose what to tolerate. Diversity of beliefs isn’t allowed in “Woke Anti-Racism. If you disagree with any “Woke” belief, you will be accused of “hate”. This technique is actually used by cults.

They justify this intolerance of thought-diversity by claiming that it’s “wrong to tolerate the intolerant”, but tolerance isn’t negotiable, you’re either tolerant or you’re not. Only free speech leads to open debate and rejection of hateful ideas.

“Woke Anti-Racism is full of contradictions. They say that gender and race are “social constructs”. For gender this means that if you were born biologically male, you can identify as a female and vice versa. In fact you can say that you don’t have a set gender at all and identify as “non-binary”.

You can’t identify as a different race however. If you try to do that, then you’re accused of “racism” and “cultural appropriation”. If both gender and race are “social constructs”, then why is it that only one of them can be changed?

Their logic of “White people can pretend to be Black to escape being oppressors”, is easily countered by saying that women were oppressed too, so the same can be said about a man identifying as a woman.

According to “Woke Anti-Racism”, anything that negatively represents Black people or other people of color must be ignored, or explained by blaming it on White people.

Since “Woke Anti-Racists” wants all Black people and other people of color to identify as “victims”, people of color who reject “Woke” beliefs are accused of self-hatred and of not being true to their race (!). This is incredibly racist as it implies that they all think and act the same.

They believe the opposite when it comes to White people however, where anything that makes them look negative is immediately accepted as fact and its denial is rejected as “racism”.

“Woke Anti-Racism” also considers Capitalism a form of White Supremacy, which isn’t based on reality at all. “Supply and demand” (which is what Capitalism is) has been used by all races and ethnicities throughout history.

If a person is “Woke” but doesn’t want to be an activist, they’re accused of allowing racism to continue by not actively fighting it. Activism isn’t for everyone. This isn’t inclusive of shy and introverted people.

A bizarre “Woke” belief is that the terms “Latino” and “Latina” are “offensive” so “Latinx” is used instead, despite there being no “x” in the Spanish language. This is an offensive term for most people of Hispanic descent.

In the end, “Woke Anti-Racism” is about intolerance, hate and oppression. Anti-Hate is about tolerance, love and peace.

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