Woke Anti-Racism” is an inverted form of White Supremacy mixed with Communism. The movement is based on the idea that White people are “in charge” and people of color are their helpless victims who are constantly being oppressed through “systemic racism”.

White people who identify as Woke, tend to believe (consciously or subconsciously) that they’re superior to people of color, who they see as helpless and weak. They even deny people of color personal responsibility, acting as if White people are responsible for their behavior.

This explains why they feel the need to become offended for them, overpraise their accomplishments (with the attitude of “wow you did this on your own?!”) and downplay their faults (“it’s our fault, we’re bad parents”). This is the cornerstone of “White Guilt”. Communism is mixed in with the belief that our world is centered around a struggle between “oppressors and victims” despite “everyone’s inherent equality”.

An interesting part of this movement is that you’re not allowed to question its beliefs and are shamed as a “racist” if you do. This is a technique used by cults to keep followers from realizing that they’re being lied to, by punishing them for questioning what they’re told. As the Greek philosopher Socrates said: “question everything!”. If you’re not allowed to question something, you’re being deceived. We encourage people to question everything, including us, as our statements are backed up by facts.

Let’s look at the contradictions and lies within “Woke Anti-Racism”…



Woke Anti-Racism” claims to promote a tolerant society that fights oppression, but also encourages followers to punish people who have non-Woke beliefs, which is the definition of intolerance and oppression. It encourages “cancelling” them, with no tolerance of their freedom of speech.

It’s strange that there are people who believe that violent oppression will help create a peaceful and tolerant society. Worse, “Woke Anti-Racists”/“Social Justice Warriors” (as they’re also called) seem to enjoy making other human beings suffer and believe that it’s a good thing.

They justify it by claiming that it’s “wrong to tolerate the intolerant”, but this is just a rationalization of their own hate and fear of opposing beliefs. Only free speech leads to open debate and rejection of hateful ideas. Censorship is just discrimination and anyone discriminated against gains a moral victory by becoming a victim of discrimination. Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society.

Woke Anti-Racists also show a surprising intolerance for shy and introverted people by bullying them into becoming activists. If a person is “Woke” but doesn’t want to be an activist, they’re accused of allowing racism to continue by not actively fighting it. Activism isn’t for everyone, why is it wrong for someone to simply oppose racism without being an activist? How can a loving, free and tolerant society be created through bullying, hatred and intolerance?

Everyone has a right to think whatever they want. Only a free and tolerant society will overcome racism and other social issues. Open discussion can convince people to change their minds, suppression will only make them bitter and more hateful. Love and freedom will bring us together, hate and suppression will only divide us and create more hate and violence.


Racism begins when people start acknowledging and caring about race. We don’t choose our race or place of birth, so it’s ridiculous to use those to define us. White people who don’t care about race should be exemplary, considering the “Woke” belief that they’re responsible for racism in the first place. Instead, those people are accused of denying their responsibility in a “racist system” (even though not caring about race is actually opposing such a system).

Even more bizarre, since “Woke Anti-Racists” want all Black people and other people of color to identify as “victims”, people of color who reject “Woke” beliefs are accused of self-hatred and of not being true to their race (!). This is incredibly racist as it denies them a diversity of thought and freedom and implies that they all must think and act the same.

According to “Woke” beliefs, White people are always “oppressors” and Black people and other people of color are always “victims”. Anything to the contrary is rejected. This denies us any chance of unity, when people are taught that their racial identities define them and place them in opposing roles.


According to “Woke Anti-Racism”, White people must walk on eggshells around people of color, so that they don’t offend them. White people should of course instead treat everyone the same regardless of race. Being careful around one person due to their race and then easygoing around another due to THEIR race, is to treat people differently based on race, which is racism.

Speaking of racism being defined by treating people differently based on their race, “Woke Anti-Racists” capitalize every race except for White (though some are capitalizing them too). We choose to capitalize all races as we respect them all equally.


According to “Woke Anti-Racism”, anything that negatively represents Black people or other people of color must be ignored, or explained by blaming it on White people. This is done no matter what and any argument to the contrary is immediately rejected as “racism”. They believe the opposite when it comes to White people however, where anything that makes them look negative is immediately accepted as fact and its denial is rejected as “racism”. Anyone who ever seriously studied statistics will tell you that statistical discrepancies are not unusual, but “Woke Anti-Racists” believe that any statistical discrepancy that negatively affects people of color can only be explained by racism.

The statistics above indicate that there is a serious issue with Black people killing White people. It doesn’t fit the “Woke” narrative so is ignored, perhaps because “Woke” beliefs are the cause of Black on White violence.

It’s well-known that statistics show that Black people are a disproportional majority of inmates in jail. Common sense would be to investigate why that happens. Since we have interracial courts and an interracial police force, along with real victims, it’s impossible for the majority of those arrested to have been framed.

In fact look at how the O.J. Simpson case went back in 1995, as proof that it’s not as biased towards Black people as “Woke Anti-Racists” want you to believe. Furthermore, let’s look at New York City: a simple Google search will show you that the highest crime neighborhoods all happen to be majority Black.

In other words, the statistics are backed up by evidence: if the highest crime areas are majority Black, then most people arrested will be Black. Of course this doesn’t mean that we have to blame Black people, as it’s only a minority of all Black people that commit crimes and you can never blame entire races, only individuals for their personal actions.

The “Woke” idea that there is “systemic racism” is the cause of this issue. It’s this idea that convinces people in Black communities that crime is the answer, as the “system” won’t let them succeed. It also teaches them to hate White people.

Photo courtesy of Statistica.
White people are actually killed by police officers more often than Black people, but “Woke Anti-Racists” ignore inconvenient facts that don’t fit their narrative.

Woke Anti-Racists” reject all of these facts as “racist”, deny all evidence and simply blame everything on White people. Any other view is simply unacceptable to them. They go as far as accusing the entire interracial police force of being racist (by conveniently ignoring that it’s multiracial), based on their arrests and the relatively small percentage of police brutality incidents (despite the fact that racism hasn’t even been proven as the cause in most cases).

On the other hand, saying that most serial killers are White (which is also statistically accurate), is supported by Woke “Anti-Racists”. The most disgusting example is them defending misogyny, animal cruelty and homophobia in other cultures, simply because they’re majority non-White.

At some point you have to realize that it’s not about inclusion and love, but disunity and hatred.Woke Anti Racists” want Black people and other people of color to hate White people, and for White people to feel guilty for it and accept the subsequent discrimination.


According to “Woke Anti-Racism”, gender and race are “social constructs”, so if you were born male, you can identify as a female and vice versa. In fact you can say that you don’t have a set gender at all and identify as “non-binary”.

You can’t identify as a different race however. If you try to do that, then you’re accused of racism and “cultural appropriation”. It’s pretty bizarre. Once again “Woke Anti-Racism” doesn’t allow opposing viewpoints, if you don’t believe that gender can just be something that we can choose and is something that we’re born as, you will be called a “bigot” and “cancelled”.

If you’re a heterosexual male and don’t want to date or have sex with a transgender female, due to them having a biologically male body and you not being attracted to males, you’re accused of bigotry.

The terms “Latino” and “Latina” are found offensive as well, because people who are non-binary aren’t included, so “Latinx” is used instead, despite there being no “x” in the Spanish language. This is an offensive term for most people of Hispanic descent.

We believe that all viewpoints should be allowed and that you have a right to identify as anything you want, just like other people have a right not to accept it as fact.



The “system” is interracial and our laws clearly state that all races are equal. We even promote diversity, which is actually uncommon for most countries as it leads to the majority becoming minorities.

People of color are protected classes and there are laws that give them advantages over White people. We even recently had a Black President. How is it possible for a “White Supremacist system” to elect a Black President, Black Vice-President and Black mayors in major cities? It’s only possible if the “system” treats all races equally.


Which country was started for everyone with no history of colonization or slavery? We’ll wait for your answer. Every country in history was created by a group of people just for themselves, so ours isn’t unique in that regard.

Colonization and slavery were also considered a normal part of life for thousands of years for every race and ethnicity. For example, Europe was colonized by Asians and Arabs at one point, with many White people enslaved in the process.

The people who colonized America and the people who were colonized here, all died hundreds of years ago. Blaming people who had nothing to do with it is as fair as blaming you for a murder committed by a distant relative who you never even talked to or met.

Furthermore, no White person born here chose to be White or to be born here in the first place and Native Americans have equal rights with White Americans. What’s better? Living in the past and blaming people for atrocities that they had nothing to do with? Or learning from our past and not repeating its mistakes?


Most White people believe in racial equality and don’t care about race. If they didn’t, then we would never have Black elected officials or diversity. In fact, most try hard to prove that they’re not racists, to the point of constantly worrying about offending POC.

Again, the US is one of a few countries that promotes diversity and that constantly elects minorities into positions of power. It’s obvious that the majority of White people are not racists. White Privilege is fiction as well.

Due to laws such as affirmative action and diversity quotas, White people are often at a disadvantage. An average POC is legally preferred for employment over an average White person, doesn’t have to “walk on eggshells” out of fear of offending people and can easily expect help and support if they’re a victim of discrimination. In comparison, a White person is typically not taken seriously, laughed at and even mocked if they claim to have been discriminated against.


Woke Anti-Racists” believe that Capitalism is an invention of White Supremacy. Of course it’s been around since money was invented and used by every race and ethnicity, long before any humans even became White.

Capitalism is simply “supply and demand” and how humans learned to give each other fairly compensated service. Communism (ironically invented by a White person) is seen by “Woke Anti-Racists” as being better and fairer, as according to it everyone is equal. This of course ignores Communism’s insane idea that people should be paid the same for performing different work and all of its other major flaws.

More importantly, ignoring or excusing Communism’s history of genocide is on the same level as Holocaust denial. If genocide regularly happens when a particular political system is in power, it’s a human rights violation to keep attempting it.

Woke Anti-Racists” often justify Communism by making a false claim that Capitalism killed “a billion” people. Wars/colonialism have been launched to acquire more land for living, boost national pride, acquire needed resources, pre-emptively due to fear of an attack and due to feuds between rulers. Slavery was about acquiring free labor and existed before we even came up with the concept of money.

Communism however directly led to 100 million people being killed for their background and beliefs. Capitalism has nothing to do with race or politics. Most importantly, it’s just a “strawman” misdirection to sweep Communist genocides under the rug.


As insane as it sounds, “Woke Anti-Racists” believe that treating people as individuals and using logic is participating in “Whiteness”. In other words, people should be judged based on their race, (as if races are not a collection of diverse individuals with different beliefs and thoughts) and logic should not be used at all. It’s racist to imply that POC are not capable of using logic.


White people are actually a world minority with the majority of humans in the world being POC. Not only that, but White people have no special status in our country. The idea that White people are in charge is silly and not even remotely supported by facts.

In the end, “Woke Anti-Racism” is about intolerance, hate and oppression. Anti-Hate is about tolerance, love and peace.

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