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The dangers of Fascism are well-known, unfortunately the same can’t be said for Communism, that sadly still has a following in our country.

What makes Communism so appealing? It promises people equality, fair pay and creates a worldview of “victims” and “oppressors”, which gives people excuses for their problems, with which they have someone to blame other then themselves.

The truth is Communism is anything but fair. People perform different jobs that require different skills and are in different demand. Is it fair to pay you the same as someone else despite you doing harder and more important work? Common sense indicates that different work requires different pay.

There’s also the fact that paying people equally for different work leads to no real incentive for the talented to use their talents, as they will still be paid the same. Why try harder when there’s no compensation for it? You can argue that helping society should be worth it, but that’s an idealistic thought that isn’t grounded in reality.

If you invent something that positively changes the world and improves people’s lives, it’s not fair for you to receive no practical reward for it. If you come up with the greatest cell phone in the world, would you accept feveiving no personal reward for all of your hard work? Communists talk about a society without money, but it’s again not grounded in reality.

How is it fair to expect people to do things for free? The last time that we had no money, we were living in pre-historic times! Capitalism is the only known economic system that rewards people based on supply and demand. It works better and more fairly than Communism, though it’s not perfect.

Woke Anti-Racists” often justify Communism by making the false claims that Capitalism killed “a billion” people and that it’s a form of “White Supremacy”. Wars/colonialism have been launched to acquire more land for living, boost national pride, acquire needed resources, pre-emptively due to fear of an attack, and due to feuds between rulers. None of that was “Capitalist”. Capitalism is “supply and demand” and has been used by every race and ethnicity throughout history.

Slavery was about acquiring free labor and existed before we even came up with the concept of money. Communism however led to 100 million people being killed for their background and beliefs. Capitalism on the other hand has nothing to do with race or politics. The sad part is that even if Capitalism was as bad as Communists pretend, it still can’t justify Communist genocides.

It gets far worse… People who admire Communism conveniently overlook, deny and even excuse the fact that no other political system committed more murders. From Vladimir Lenin, Leo Trotsky and Josef Stalin in Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Rosa Luxembourg in Germany, to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in Cuba, and Mao Zedong in China, Communists killed at least 100 million people.

Mass starvations, executions, people buried alive, concentration camps, tortures…. nothing was too far for Communists. You can even add the Holocaust as at least in small part being their fault as well. Communist genocides encouraged Adolf Hitler to commit his own, due to his belief that Communism was a “Jewish movement”. This was even believed by of all people Winston Churchill. It’s important to point out that Communism is of course not a “Jewish movement” and that the Holocaust was not done by Communists. Our point is that if there was no Communism, Hitler would’ve never thought of the Holocaust in the first place.

Victims of Communist genocides. Photo courtesy of google images.
Victims of Communist genocides. Photo courtesy of google images.

How does Communism lead to genocide? It’s rooted in the system. For everyone to receive equal pay, the government has to control all businesses and all finance. This means that the leader or leaders of the government automatically have more power than everyone else, as well as easy access to more money. After all, they control the country’s finances.

In order for Communism to prosper, there can’t be other political parties so it immediately becomes a dictatorship. People who have a problem with how things are done , are naturally seen as a threat and punished. This absolute power often leads the ones in charge into doing whatever they can to preserve it. This leads to those seen as a threat to being killed.

Communist “hero” Che Guevara’s quotes. Maybe wearing shirts with his image isn’t a good idea. Image courtesy of google images.

Albert Einstein said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. Do you want to live in an unfair society where you have no freedom and no democracy? Communism has been tried many times and each time led to a loss of freedom, oppression and genocide. It’s insane to support it.

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