This is a great source to see how biased the media company that you get your information from is. This is a source for political donations. We’ve also used this and this. The media is just corporations, whose owners are billionaire donors for political parties. They present the news in a way that fits with their political party’s narrative to sway your vote. This is a list of the most influential news sources.


Owner: The Walt Disney Company.

Disney Chair: Susan Arnold

Arnold is an open member of the LGBTQ+ community and is of Jewish descent. She donates to Democrats.

ABC News President: Kimberly Godwin

Godwin is the first African-American woman to lead a major American news network.

Disney General Entertainment Content Chair: Dana Walden

Walden is of Jewish descent and has launched the Onyx Collective. Onyx is a content brand that works strictly with POC. She donates exclusively to Democrats.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: The Cox family

The family is of European descent and is originally from Ohio.

Chair: James C. Kennedy

Kennedy is a grandson of former Democratic Presidential candidate James M. Cox. Donated to both parties.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: John W. Henry

Henry is a multiple generation European-American. He also owns the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool sports teams. He donates to Democrats.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: Digital First Media

DFM CFO: Michael J. Koren

Koren donates to Republicans.

Political Party: Republican


Owner: Buzzfeed

Notes: It’s an openly Liberal media, along with Buzzfeed.

Political Party: Democrat


President: Kelly Kahl

Kahl is of German-American descent and is a partner with Underground Pub & Grill.

Notes: CBS PAC has donated to both parties, but mostly to the Republican Party. The news however is largely in support of the Democrat Party.

Political Party: Democrat

Chicago Tribune

Owner: Tribune Publishing

Tribune Publishing Chair: Philip Franklin

Political Party: None


Owner: Warner Bros. Discovery.

CEO/President of Warner Bros. Discovery: David Zaslav

Zaslav is of Eastern European- Jewish descent. He is the chair of the Auschwitz: The Past is Present committee. He donates almost exclusively to Democrats.

CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery: Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr.

DiPiazza is of Italian descent and is a chairman of the board of trustees of the Mayo Clinic. He donates to both parties.

Chair and CEO: Chris Licht

Licht is a cerebral hemorrhage survivor, who received assistance in his recovery from then Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: Chatham Asset Management

Notes: CAM PAC donates almost exclusively to Democrats.

Editor: Monica R. Richardson

Richardson is the first African-American editor in their history.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: Comcast

Comcast CEO: Brian L. Roberts

Roberts is of Jewish descent and donates almost exclusively to Democrats.

NBC News President: Noah Oppenheim

Oppenheim is of Jewish descent and was accused of covering up the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch is an Australian-American of Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry. He also owns FOX News and donates to Republicans.

Publisher: Sean Giancola

Giancola is of Italian-American descent. He is a registered Republican.

Political Party: Republican


Owner: The New York Times Company

New York Times Company Chair: A.G. Sulzberger

The Sulzberger family is of German-Jewish descent and owned the NYT since 1896. He donates to Democrats.

Editor-in-chief: Joseph Kahn

Kahn is of Lithuanian-Jewish descent and is the co-founder of Staples.

Notes: According to Influence Watch:

In 2016, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was given veto power over which of her quotes would be used to ensure making her look as good a possible. They also founded the “1619 project” that promotes a Woke worldview. Here’s a quote from African-American community development activist Robert Woodson from a Wall Street Journal op-ed: “The most devastating aspect of the project’s narrative is its insinuation that blacks are born inherently damaged by an all-prevailing racism and that their future prospects are determined by the whims of whites.”

More from Influence Watch: Socialist Party activists criticized the 1619 Project as a politically motivated and biased effort to promote Democratic Party interests, charging “Its aim is to create a historical narrative that legitimizes the effort of the Democratic Party to construct an electoral coalition based on the prioritizing of personal ‘identities’—i.e., gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, and, above all, race.”Other critics argued that the 1619 Project failed to put American slavery in historic and international context, misrepresented the role slavery played in the American Revolution, unfairly characterized historical figures such as John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln, and otherwise functioned more as left-wing propaganda than journalism or history.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: Dev Pragad

Pragad is an Indian-American who studied in London. He was once in a Christian sect.

Political Party: Neutral


Owner: The Lenfest Institute

TLI Executive Director and CEO: Jim Friedlich

Little can be found about him o

Political Party: Democrat


Owners: Marc Bennioff

Bennioff is of Jewish descent and is a devoted Democrat.

Political Party: Democrat


This includes New York Magazine and SB Nation.

Owner: Comcast

Comcast CEO: Brian L. Roberts

Roberts is of Jewish descent and donates almost exclusively to Democrats.

Political Party: Democrat


Owner: Philip Anschutz

Anschutz is of German descent and helped found Major League Soccer. He also owns the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. He donates to Republicans.

Political Party: Republican


Owner: Jeff Bezos

Bezos is of Danish and Cuban descent and owns Amazon. Bezos donates to both parties.

Editor: Fred Ryan

Ryan is of European-American descent. He was a chief of staff for former Republican President Ronald Reagan, and is chair of the board of trustees of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

Political Party: Democrat