Our plan is to end hate and you can help us do that. It unfortunately costs money to do what we do, but the future that we’re working to achieve is better for all of us. We are also a non-profit and rely on your help.

That’s not all of course. Our plan has multiple steps:


The more people are aware of us, the more will know how we can end hate and make our country and our lives better. Let others know about us and share the links to our website and social media. It costs money to advertise, so your support goes a long way.


Don’t fall for divisive claims. We’re all in this together and need to unify against hate. Unfortunately many media companies present the news in a biased way in order to sway you to the political party of their choice.

For example FOX News, The Daily Wire, New York Post, Boston Herald and others support Republicans; and CNN, New York Times, People magazine, Washington Post, Slate, Boston Globe and others support Democrats. We’re not saying that they don’t report facts or for you not to read or watch them, but to keep in mind that they want to push you in a certain direction.

An example is this article headlined by saying that a White man got away with killing a Black man. The mentioning of race implies that it was a hate crime, and that the White man getting away with it is a sign of “systemic racism”.

Reading the article however, you learn that a man shot an intruder and it was ruled as self-defense, with race playing no role whatsoever. In typical race-baiting fashion they also capitalize “Black”, but not “white” revealing a discriminatory agenda. Don’t let race-baiters manipulate you, and follow the news with the understanding that the source is trying to push you in a certain direction.


We will contact companies and schools to urge them to stop spreading hateful beliefs. There is strength in numbers! You can help by boycotting and suing, (we will make sure that you don’t pay for the lawsuit and won’t take any of your reward money). Loss of money can help them stop spreading hate.

If your employer or teacher treats you differently based on race, blames you based on race (implies that your racial background affects how you’re supposed to act), or teaches you to judge people based on race… know that it is discrimination and you can sue.


We are not a political organization but will list politicians who promote hateful beliefs so that we can all vote them out, and not vote them into office in the first place. We will contact them first and reveal their answers to pressing questions prior to elections. We will also contact politicians to push them to make laws that end hate and create a more inclusive environment.