We’re a racially diverse group of Americans, who started this non-profit because we feel that our country is growing further apart instead of closer together.

Media companies push political narratives based on their party of choice instead of news; teachers teach their divisive beliefs to influence students; people are encouraged to see those with different views as their enemies….

This only leads to conflict, hatred and violence. We need peace, happiness and calm.

Our goal is to bring peace and happiness to all Americans by ending racism, hateful movements and an intolerance of beliefs.

We believe that freedom of speech is a basic human right. No one has a right to decide what any human being is allowed to think or say. The only time that censorship is permissible is when speech directly encourages violence.

TOLERANCE = the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

INTOLERANCE = unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

What would work better? If someone tried to change your beliefs by threatening and silencing you? Or through peaceful and open conversation?

This is why we believe that “cancel culture” itself must be cancelled. It doesn’t change beliefs, it just breeds hate and promotes intolerance.

We believe that racism starts when people start caring about race. The only way to end racism is to stop caring about race. It’s that simple.

We believe that race, gender, sexual orientation or any other label should never be used to judge a human being.

We believe that “Woke anti-racism” causes racism instead of ending it, by pushing the belief that race defines your identity.

Do you have compassion for people who are in any way in a worse position than you? This is exactly what many authority figures use to manipulate us with false narratives.

We believe that “systemic racism” is one such false narrative. The truth is that it no longer exists. Our laws clearly state that all races are equal and that Black people and other people of color are as much a part of “the system” as White people.

Black people & other people of color are lawyers, judges, senators, police officers, doctors, mayors in major cities, our current Vice President & recent former President.

So then why are Black people a disproportionate number of inmates in jails? Unfortunately, the highest crime neighborhoods in major cities are majority Black. Why? Black people are taught the “Woke” belief that “the system” is still against them, encouraging crime in their communities.

We believe that while our society is sensitive to racism against people of color, it’s shockingly dismissive of racism towards White people.

If you found that last paragraph offensive or ridiculous then you just proved our point. Racism against White people is normalized. Here are some unspoken “woke” rules:

  • Criticizing Black people and other people of color is always wrong and whoever does so is a “racist”.
  • Criticizing and making fun of White people is fine and whoever does so should be praised.
  • Defending Black people and other people of color from criticism is a good thing.
  • Defending White people from criticism makes you a “racist”.
  • It’s OK to capitalize every race except White.
  • Whatever is good for Black people or other people of color is “justice”. Whatever is good for White people is “racism”.

Do you believe that White people caused most or all of our problems?

If someone defends White people from being blamed for different atrocities, do you immediately assume that they’re a White supremacist?

Do you defend people of color and get angry when you hear anything negative said about them?

Do you believe that defending White people in general from accusations is wrong and a sign of being a White supremacist?

Do you believe that only White people “stole lands” and enslaved people?

We believe that it’s wrong to exclusively blame White people for atrocities such as slavery and genocide, while ignoring that both along with colonialism were done by all races throughout history.

So many races and ethnicities conquered each other’s lands. that it’s insane to focus on one country and one group of people and then exclusively blame them.

It is racist for companies to apologize for having “too many” White employees and to associate being White with negative attributes (Coca-Cola’s “Be Less White” campaign).

Children in schools are taught about how White people are “the problem” (true story from our personal experiences). You can be a “Woke ally”, but it’s made clear that as long as you’re White, you’ll always be “the problem”.

Defending White people isn’t socially allowed and can get you accused of White Supremacy, because the underlying belief is that White people are “the problem”.

One of the more shocking results of this is how the promotion of diversity and our upcoming White minority are treated in our society. The idea that a country is for everyone and not just a specific racial/ethnic group/culture is very unique in our world.

Countries as modernized and respected as Japan have strict anti-diversity policies, and in fact very few countries promote it. The reason being that it leads to the majority becoming minorities, and so really isn’t beneficial to the aforementioned majority.

Diversity promoted in our country should theoretically absolve White people of the sins of slavery and colonialism, but most Americans are unaware that it’s not a global reality and take it for granted.

The result is a future where with White people becoming minorities and society treating them as a “problem”, they will only be increasingly more discriminated against.

We believe that the way things are going, we’re headed for conflict and not unity.

This is why we’re working to end “Woke Anti-Racism”, which is divisive and pushes a narrative that leads to disunity and racism.

We want a free society where all races are treated equally and in which race doesn’t matter.

Join us in creating real racial unity and freedom.